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The index is a map to the boo; the gateway to the author's ideas
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Why have an index?

Indexes are for readers who want
quick access to information.
The index is the map to to the book:
the gateway to the authors ideas.

  • Book buyers know that an index provides quick access to the author's ideas and information, and so they prefer to buy books with indexes.

  •'s "Look Inside" feature gives potential buyers access to the book's index on-line because they
    know from experience that the index
    is a key factor in book sales.
    Librarians, book reviewers, academics and educators all prefer to buy books
    with indexes. Studies have repeatedly shown that books with quality indexes have increased sales.

  • What is required to write an index?
    Book indexing is frequently under-estimated as it involves meticulously detailed work, long hours of concentration, and an ability to quickly identify key ideas and concepts in text on virtually any subject.

  • Book indexing is more like playing
    the violin: most people get totally stressed out by the complexity of the task; some people learn how to do it reasonably well; but only a few master the art and science of book indexing.


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Book Indexing Services

Clive Pyne Book Indexing Services is a freelance book indexing service for back-of-the-book indexes.

The book indexer has written over 450 indexes during the past 10 years, on a wide range of subjects, for academic, reference, and trade non-fiction books, for authors and publishers in 12 countries.

The book indexer writes a concise and thoughtfully structured index to accurately reflect the wealth of ideas found within a book. The index is the map to the book and the gateway to the author's ideas.

The book indexer uses Cindex indexing software, and the Chicago Manual of Style. His indexes have consistent parallel construction; double-posing of relevant index entries, and appropriate cross-references to help readers find information quickly.

The book indexer will write and format the index to your specifications and style guide. As with any well-written document, the index needs to be edited to ensure consistency, clarity, accuracy, and completeness. The book indexer will also flag any typographical errors or inconsistencies that he finds.

How long will it take to index a book? Featured Books and Indexes

information need by indexer to write the book index List of 400+ Books Indexed

Why do you need an index? A well-written book index gives the reader quick access to the ideas within a book, thereby increasing the perceived value of the book. The index is a map to the book so that readers can explore and locate ideas and information quickly and efficiently. This increases the overall interest in, and usefulness of the book for the reader, which translates to increased book sales.

Our book indexing service receives top marks from numerous repeat clients. Consider what our clients say.

Client Comments

"His indexing work has consistently been evaluated as being of the highest quality. The indexes he creates are always accurate and extremely comprehensive. We are certain that his indexes have helped make out books more accessible for our readers." Dr. Vesselin Popovski, Head of UNU Press, Tokyo, Japan

"Your work reflects the highest professional standards of accuracy, precision, insight and understanding. I'm deeply grateful to you and feel extremely fortunate to have found such a highly qualified indexer." Dorothy S. McClellan, Regents Professor, Professor of Criminal Justice, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

"Over the years, I have hired Clive as an indexer for books that I've designed. He has always delivered a professional, timely job, and is extremely friendly and easy going. I highly recommend him." Dotti Albertine, Book Designer at Albertine Book Design

Clive is METICULOUS!! Just what you want in an indexer! Louisa Williams, author of "Radical Medicine"

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