Clive Pyne Book Indexing Services is a freelance book indexing service for back-of-the-book indexes.

The book indexer has written over 550 indexes during the past 12 years, on a wide range of subjects, for academic, reference, and trade non-fiction books, for authors and publishers in 14 countries.

The book indexer writes a concise and thoughtfully structured index to accurately reflect the wealth of ideas found within a book. The index is the map to the book and the gateway to the author’s ideas.

The book indexer uses Cindex indexing software, and the Chicago Manual of Style. His indexes have consistent parallel construction; double-posing of relevant index entries, and appropriate cross-references to help readers find information quickly.

The book indexer will write and format the index to your specifications and style guide. As with any well-written document, the index needs to be edited to ensure consistency, clarity, accuracy, and completeness. The book indexer will also flag any typographical errors or inconsistencies that he finds.

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