Client comments

It is with great pleasure that I write on behalf of Mr. Clive Pyne. He has been one of the longest serving indexers for the UNU Press and has worked on almost 60 of our academic books since he was first engaged as a freelance indexer in 2006.

His indexing work has consistently been evaluated as being of the highest quality. The indexes he creates are always accurate and extremely comprehensive. He can be relied on to complete his assignments in a professional and timely manner, oftentimes delivering ahead of schedule. In addition, he has gone beyond the task of indexing, pointing out factual and other errors to verify. He has also shown himself to be flexible and able to adapt the indexes to the different requirements of each project. We are certain that his indexes have helped make out books more accessible for our readers.

With the UNU Press closing at the end of the year 2013, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Mr. Pyne without reservation for any future engagement as an indexer. His indexing skills will no doubt be of great benefit to any publishing operation.

Dr. Vesselin Popovski, Head of UNU Press, Senior Academic Programmer Officer, UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace


The index you prepared for this complex book is truly remarkable. Your work reflects the highest professional standards of accuracy, precision, insight and understanding. You managed to produce a perfect document in record time. I’m deeply grateful to you and feel extremely fortunate to have found such a highly qualified indexer. My colleagues and I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Dorothy S. McClellan, Regents Professor, Professor of Criminal Justice, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Author/editor of Witnessing the Soviet Twilight.


“Over the years, I have hired Clive as an Indexer for books that I’ve designed. He has always delivered a professional, timely job, and is extremely friendly and easy going. I highly recommend him.” Dotti Albertine, Book Designer at Albertine Book Design.


Clive did a wonderful job providing an index for my book, Brain School. I would highly recommend his services. Howard Eaton, Ed. M, founder of Arrowsmith School. Author of Brain School.


THANK YOU for your superb work on the index. It is beautiful and we are quite happy with it. I will be wiring the money to your account shortly. It was a pleasure working with you on this project. Karli Cerankowski, author of Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives.


Clive Pyne Book Indexing did an outstanding job in completing the index for my book, “Great Black War Fighters: Profiles in Service”. Moreover, the completed index far exceeded my expectations in terms of quality. What’s more, throughout the work process Clive demonstrated superb customer service in staying in touch with me as needed. I strongly recommend the company’s indexing service. Ben Walton, retired U.S. Army colonel, author of Great Black Fighters: Profiles in Service.


Wow, Clive. Fantastic work, just absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much! Monica Lowry, Production Manager, BenBella Books (re: Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. & Master Zhi Hang Sha)


Good morning Clive! I’ve had a chance to review the index. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job! Christina Wiginton, Editor, Smithsonian Books, Smithsonian Institution.


Clive, I want to say how much I feel your indexing has enhanced my book. When I looked at it, I thought “did I really write about all those things?” I really feel the index is comprehensive. The index makes the book so much more useful to my readers. Many thanks. (M.K.)


Clive, thank you so much for completing the index so quickly. It’s a great looking piece of work, and I appreciate your accompanying notes. Rob Kohimeier, Managing Editor, Wilfrid Laurier University Press.


The index is wonderful! Christopher is very pleased, and is grateful for your meticulous work. Randy Radic, author of Education Behind Bars.


Clive is METICULOUS!! Just what you want in an indexer!…And he’s also very nice. Dr. Louisa Williams, author of “Radical Medicine”.


Clive – You are an amazing professional! Thank you for all your hard work on this and for your guidance. Again, many thanks. Elaine Thomas, author of “Saddles and Service”.


Thanks for doing such a masterful job!! Everything has been carefully indexed – great job. It looks incredible! Thanks so much for all your hard work. Louisa Williams, author of “Radical Medicine”.


Thanks for the very thorough and detailed job you did on the index. I am quite pleased with it. Thanks also for helping to spread the word about the book – people seem to be ready for this information. Emily Francis, author of “Correcting the Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic”.


The index looks GREAT! I have just finished proofing it and adding it to the text. The manuscript is ready to submit. Thank you again. Your work is very much appreciated and I have recommended your services to many colleagues, not just the historians and classicists. (P. H.)


This looks great! Thanks as always for the quick turnaround. Angela Tartaro, editor at Barron’s Educational.


I think you’ve done a truly wonderful job on the index, and I so appreciate your professionalism. (M.K.)


Thanks so much for all your efforts on this book. I would be very happy to refer you to any other publishers in the future. (N.D.K.)


The index looks wonderful. It is so exciting to see all the references to other works and researchers so well organized. Thanks. (R.N.)


Many thanks for your quick work on this project. I really appreciate your thorough check-through, as evidence by the errors you caught. (K.G.)


I just finished reviewing the excellent indices that you prepared. I greatly appreciate your high standard of excellence. The fee will be mailed right away. Awesome job – thank you! (M.S)


It looks great! What a summation of what’s in the book. Thanks Clive. I am really pleased. (G.A.)


Thank you for sending the index and for your fast and thorough work on this. (N.C.)


Great job! I will certainly keep you in mind for future book projects. (C.R.)


It was a joy working working with you. Please feel free to to give me as a reference for your work any time. (J. G.)


Thanks very much, Clive. Quick and efficient as usual. (M.C.)


Thanks so much for the fast turnaround. I’ll forward this to the editors. Thank you so very much!! (K.D.)


You are terrific! Great index. Thanks! I hope someday we can meet, seriously. (C.J.)


Thanks Clive. It has been a real pleasure working with you. (J. G.)


The index is absolutely fantastic! (E.B)


Thank you so much, Clive! I am very appreciative of the extra time you have taken. (M.C.)


Thank you again Clive for a terrific piece of work on such a short time line. I’ll be in touch again soon. (R. K.)


Clive, this looks really good! A really professional job. I will get a check off to you right away. (A.S.)


We are thrilled with the work you did for us. I know you’ll be the first person we contact for the next book project. (J.K.)


Thanks for doing such a fabulous job with my index. I have already sent it to the printer. (R.N.)


Thank you for sending the index and for your fast and thorough work. (N.C.)


Thanks so much Clive. You did a great and excellent job. An excellent index. (A. M.)


I am very pleased, and I know my father will be too. Thanks Clive. (J. D.)


Thanks so much for your work on this index! It is an excellent piece of work. (C.H.)


Thanks Clive – that was much quicker than I expected. The index looks excellent. (P. F.)


Once again thank you for the great work you did on this index. It was well done and well ahead of schedule. Payment is being processed and should be in your account next week. (O. O.)


I want to pass along some words of thanks from the volume editors of Fixing Haiti. They said that the index is superb, and insisted that I congratulate you on an excellent job. (N.C.)


I received your index and it looks marvelous! Please send you invoice right away so I can have my bookkeeper send you a check. (D.K.)


Clive, you did an amazing job! I’m really impressed. This is such finesse work, and you’re a real professional. (A.P.)


Thank you for your work on this latest book: you produced a clear and thorough index. (N.C.)


I reviewed your work on the index, as did my co-author. We are delighted with the results and thank you for doing it so punctually. Thank you for your meticulous work and for your patience. (I.D.)