Book Indexing Services

Clive Pyne Book Indexing Services will provide you with an index to your specifications, on time, at competitive rates, and that adds value to your book.

My every indexing decision is made with excellence in mind.

My per page rate for your book will be based on the subject complexity, your index specifications, the number of indexes required, any restrictions on the length of the index, and how quickly the index is required. My fees range from $3.00 to $10.00 per page.

Generally, the material in the front or in the back of the main text is not indexed. However, illustrations, tables, graphs and photos are usually indexed.

In most cases, I will request a chapter from the middle of your book to review before presenting a quotation for indexing your book. See also: Request for a Quotation.

Our Indexing Service

  • The book indexer will write a back-of-the-book index that is accurate, comprehensive and well structured – thoughtfully reflecting the content of the book. Book indexing is both an art and a science.
  • The book indexer uses parallel construction, with double-posted entries and appropriate cross-references to help index readers find information quickly.
  • The book indexer will format the index to your specifications or style guide.
  • The book indexer will also flag any typographical errors or inconsistencies that he spots in the text while indexing.
  • Our book indexing services receive top marks from authors, publishers and repeat clients.