Increase Book Sales

Ask Yourself: How much is the book index worth to you in terms of potential book sales, royalties, reviews, text adoptions, peer approval, personal satisfaction? The index is the map to your book; the gateway to the ideas and research in your book.

  •  Book readers look for good quality indexes, because indexes quickly and efficiently direct them to information that they are seeking within the book.
  •  Bookstore buyers and point-of-sale browsers compare books before buying to check for the inclusion of the secondary topics not mentioned in the chapter headings.
  • and Google Books. Studies have repeatedly shown that books with good quality indexes have increased sales. That is why and Google Books use the “Look Inside” feature so that book buyers can examine the book’s index before making a buying decision.
  •  Librarians and library associations make decisions about which books to purchase and say that books with indexes are definitely preferred.
  •  Educators and institutions recognize that professors choose textbooks that have citations of their own work in the index. Imagine the sales you could lose by alienating this particular group of readers by not including citations in an index.
  •  Peer recognition. Indexes give an indication of authors’ pride in their own work, and their regard for fellow researchers in the citations of the index.
  •  Book reviews frequently draw attention to whether a book has or does not have an index. An index is invaluable for reviewers assessing a book’s contents.
  •  The book indexer also adds value during book production because the indexer is the “last set of eyes” to read the book prior to the book going to print. Frequently the indexer catches last-minute typographical errors and typos that would otherwise be missed.

Historical Reference

  •  Hans H. Wellisch observed that “readers increasingly came to appreciate the value of indexes, and the provision of indexes helped to sell books.” (Incunabula Indexes, Hans H. Wellisch.  he Indexer Vol 19 No 1, April 1994)