One of the most vital elements for your commercial property is a well-maintained landscape. A neat and lush garden is something that will provide your customers with an excellent first impression when they enter your commercial property. Thus, it’s something that you should do properly. 

When it comes to commercial landscaping, planting schemes are a major factor. Selecting which plants you want in your landscape can also be a bit stressful. This is particularly true if you don’t know how to choose one.  


That’s why we are here to help. Here are a couple of things to consider when choosing the right plants for your commercial landscape. You can also make things a lot easier if you work with landscaping companies Madison WI. 

Do You Require Screen Plants? 

Being versatile is one of the best things about plants. You can even utilize them to add privacy to your property. Oftentimes, commercial properties have huge buildings or unappealing spots that look best if hidden. Shrubs, trees, and other greeneries provide a great way to produce privacy that’s a lot more beautiful compared to a wall or a fence.  

You can use high trees to disguise tall buildings or other structures on your property, you can hide irrigation pipes using hedges, and you can use lines of evergreen trees to block out the property from the outside.  

Should You Purchase Colorful Foliage or Flowers? 

Both the colorful foliage and flowers are beautiful. They can also improve your outdoor surroundings instantly and work with almost every effective planting schemes.  

However, you’ve got to choose between one or both. Flowers might come and go with the seasons. However, foliage keeps its color the entire year in general. A lot of individuals do not realize that foliage can provide a wide range of excellent colors from blues and reds to greens and golds. Of course, the most visually effective landscaping is one that has both foliage and flowers.  

Whatever you choose, you’ve got to ensure you plant them in the correct season and in the correct conditions. You run the risk of damaging your garden if you do not plant at the correct time. 

Do You Want a Natural or Manicured Look? 

Do you prefer your property to have a neat and orderly appearance or something a bit more natural? The kind of plants you pick will vary on the appearance that you plan to achieve. The reason for this is that a couple of plants are a lot easier to shape compared to others.  

You’ll only have to prune plants when required if you choose a natural look. This enables the plant to keep its weird shape and it will flower as it would naturally. On the other hand, you’ll require more maintenance if you choose manicured pruning. The reason for this is that you will need routine pruning to keep plants looking trimmed and neat. This will lead to higher water usage. Thus, if you’re water-budget is tight, you should choose a more natural look for your landscaping.