Even if your property was built more than 2 decades ago or is housed in a historic building, possibilities are you do not think about the electrical system and wiring in your property. After all, it is hidden behind plaster and drywall. This might be one of the reasons why a lot of fires in older properties are caused by their worn-out electrical system.  

Here are several reasons why you should hire a Kansas City electrician to examine the old wiring of your property: 

Bad Electrical Design 

Bad design is one major issue for older electrical systems. Your electrical system might have been designed to meet codes that were regulated decades ago. This depends on the age of your property. Standards and codes have changed a lot since then. There is a huge possibility that your electrical wiring will not pass an inspection if you ever try to hire a professional to examine it. 

Faulty Breakers 

In older properties, it isn’t only the wiring that’s a fire threat. If the electrical panel of your property has not been recently upgraded, then it is completely possible that the breakers and switches that make up the circuits might be faulty as well. Your electrical system will not do what it’s supposed to do if they aren’t properly working. It might be extremely hazardous.  

Old Insulation on Wire 

Before, insulation on wirings tends aren’t ideal. It might have been damaged by nails or screws being placed in walls, chewed by animals, or just become disintegrated or brittle over the years. This leaves the core of the wire exposed. This can result in fire and sparks.  

Bad Wiring 

It isn’t uncommon for wiring to have been tinkered with over the years. This is particularly true for older properties. Sometimes, individuals who have no knowledge about the electrical system tinker their wirings. This can mean that there are badly executed connections, loose live wires, and other issues lurking behind the walls of your property.  

Low Amp Wiring 

One huge electrical fire risk aspect is that old wiring can often be rated for lower amps compared to the ones required by modern tools and appliances. This can lead to the overloading of circuits that can also lead to electrical fires. One solution to wiring issues is to replace breakers with arc faulty circuit interrupters.  

Tube and Knob Wiring 

Older properties have a tendency to have a thing called tube and knob wiring. Of course, this isn’t a problem in itself. However, if it is chewed by rodents, tinkered with, or otherwise compromised, it can be a dangerous thing to have. It can turn into one of the leading causes of electrical fires.  

If you’ve got a property that is 2 decades old or more, it is best to hire a professional electrician to have him/her examine your electrical system. This is one way for you to prevent any fire threats that might be lurking within your property. They can also offer you immediate solutions to your problem.