There are many ways in which you can beautify your yard or your garden. You could add some lights to add beauty during nighttime. You could also add some outdoor furniture, tables, and chairs to create a space for people to stay in the garden when they want to. A treehouse could also be a wonderful addition to the garden. You could also add a play area if you have children in your home. You could also buy some statues and other gardening accessories that you could add to the landscape that you have. For example, some people have flamingos and other bird statues to decorate in their garden. Some also have bird feeders to attract more and more birds into the garden. Thus, there are so many things that you could do to make your garden look more beautiful and homier to match your home. It is only up to you what you want to put in that space. 

But, the most common decoration that most people put in their garden’s plants. Plants give a whole new look to the garden, and the more plants you put in your garden, the more beautiful it will look. Thus, if you want to add some plants to your garden, you should not forget to add flowering plants because flowers will be a great addition to your entire garden. Of course, you should never forget about trees. Your garden should have trees according to tree trimming Daly City CA. Although so many people want to have trees in their gardens, they become intimidated by it because trees are so hard to grow and grow at a delayed rate. It takes so much time, years even to grow trees. And this is a fact for some trees and not every tree in the world. Do not get intimidated by trees because different trees grow faster and are easier to handle for beginners.  

To show our support to you, we are here to give you the list of trees that can be handled easily by beginners:   

1. Dawn Redwood  

This is a fast-growing tree. If you are a fan of feathery foliage, then this is the tree for you. This tree grows into a cone-shaped figure that can reach up to 100 feet high, which is perfect for privacy in your home. All you have to do is water it constantly and put it in a space where the sun will hit it directly.   

2. Linden Tree  

You will have fun with this tree because you will see its beautiful blooms during summertime. It grows up to 80 feet tall and up to 50 feet wide, serving as a home to bees because of its sweet flowers.  

3. Eastern Redbud  

The best thing about this tree is its blossoms in lavender, magenta, or white. It is so good-looking that you will be in love with it if you saw a photo of it instantly. Just give it full sun exposure, and it will bring you happiness throughout the year.  

Pick the best tree for your garden and start planting now.